Best For You

The 1 Giant Mind app is Best For You’s app of the month for May 2023.

A graphic introducing the app of the month: 1 Giant Mind. There’s an image of a phone with lines coming out of it to form an arrow shape. There’s also the 1 Giant Mind logo: a blue circle with ‘1 Giant Mind’ in white text.
About 1 Giant Mind
The 1 Giant Mind app has a 12-step course to teach you one way to meditate with voice instructions.
The meditation technique is about effortlessness – you  don’t have to control or force an experience that isn’t natural. You can also log how stressed or calm you feel, journal about your experiences, and unlock articles and videos about meditation
.Two screenshots from the 1 Giant Mind app. The first shows an overview of the 12 step meditation course, with a button to start step 1. The second screenshot shows the introduction to step 1 – it’s called ‘Introducing the 1 Giant Mind technique’ and says ‘Begin the process of learning this easy and effortless meditation technique’.
Download 1 Giant Mind

1 Giant Mind for iOS devices

1 Giant Mind for Android devices