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The Actissist app is Best For You’s app of the month for November 2023.

A graphic introducing the app of the month: Actissist. There’s an image of a phone with lines coming out of it to form an arrow shape. There’s also the Actissist logo: a smiling cartoon person with long hair.
About Actissist

The Actissist app is designed to support people who have experienced psychosis to access helpful strategies.

One of the main features of the Actissist app is interactive support. It covers a number of topics that are often relevant for people who experience psychosis, including hearing voices, suspicious thoughts, feeling criticised, getting out and about, weed and cannabis. Users can answer questions about the things they’re experiencing and how much their experiences are bothering them, and Actissist will suggest helpful coping strategies they could try.

There are also fact sheets covering a range of topics, from self-esteem and making friends to drug use and confronting problems. And you can set wellbeing-focused goals, like leaving the house or speaking to others.

Other features include a chill out area, with relaxation and mindfulness audios with both male and female voices. For example, users can listen to relaxing audio about being in peaceful settings or follow an audio-based body scan.

There are also suggested coping strategies with practical ideas, including ways to connect with others, do something soothing, and be mentally active.

Users can watch videos about other people’s stories of recovery within the app, but there are also useful links to other resources, including relevant TED talks, websites, and blogs. There’s also information about emergency contact numbers and helplines from organisations. If you need urgent help, go to the Get help now page.

Under the main menu of the Actissist app, users can find a diary, where they can indicate how they’re feeling and type in some information about why. They can also see their progress, with graphs that show how often they work on specific areas of the app and how much they’ve indicated that certain things (like feeling criticised or hearing voices) have affected them.

Finally, there’s space for users to add a photo. This is designed for people who have worked with a clinical team or psychologist to make a formulation (an understanding of their difficulties, usually in the form of a diagram).

Two screenshots from the Actissist app. The first shows a screen with the main features: help with common problems, helpful resources, a favourites section, and a space to save short-term goals. The second screenshot shows a top tip that the app gave a user – it's all about reminding yourself of the good things about yourself, and suggests an exercise where you write five positive things about yourself down.

Download Actissist

Download Actissist for iOS.