Best For You

Anxiety apps can be helpful for managing everyday ‘typical’ experiences of anxiety as well as the symptoms of an anxiety disorder – but there are so many apps out there, it can be hard to narrow it down and choose a few to try. And as with any app you use to support your health or wellbeing, it’s important to be sure the information and advice anxiety apps give is accurate – and that any app you use is responsible with your data.

That’s why we worked with experts at the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) to create the Best For You app library. Every app in the library has been put to the test to make sure it’s safe and trustworthy – and you can see an overview of the app before you download it too.

Anxiety apps on the Best For You website. There are logos for four apps: Combined Minds, Breathr, MindShift CBT, and Wysa.

Combined Minds: an anxiety app to help you support friends and family experiencing high anxiety

Combined Minds is designed to help you support a friend or family member with a mental health condition – it includes specific support for anxiety. The app includes information, activities, and signposting.

Find out more about Combined Minds.

Breathr: an anxiety app for mindful moments

Breathr has guided meditations and mindfulness practices.

Find out more about Breathr. 

MindShift CBT: an anxiety app with tools to help you cope

MindShift CBT uses evidence-based strategies based on cognitive behavioural therapy to help you tackle anxiety by making lasting change.

Find out more about Mindshift CBT.

Wysa: an anxiety app with an AI character to chat to

Among other things, Wysa has an artificial intelligence based penguin character who can support you if you’re feeling anxious or experiencing anxious thoughts.

Find out more about Wysa.

Other help for anxiety

If you want to talk to someone about what’s going on, you can always text NATTER 85258 for support through text (more information about texting NATTER). For other ways of getting support now, check out the Get help now page.

If you’re not able to download apps, you could check out the other digital mental health tools including Kooth, an online wellbeing community that you can use in your browser.

And the Best For You website also has information about mental health support in north-west London.