Best For You

February 2022’s app of the month is Wysa. Last month, Wysa was one of the most frequently recommended apps on the Best For You app library! Wysa is an app designed to help you take care of yourself, cope with negative feelings, and organise your thoughts.


Text reads: App of the month Wysa with the Wysa logo (a friendly blue penguin). There’s a line drawn illustration of a hand holding a phone.

Wysa, an artificial intelligence-based penguin character, can help you:

  • Try exercises to help with topics like healthy anxiety,
  • Create a safety plan
  • Distract yourself with a game or joke
  • Log your happy thoughts
  • Work on your problem solving skills
  • Talk about how you feel and manage emotions
  • Practise mindfulness techniques

Two screenshots of the Wysa app.


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