Best For You

Digital art workshops give young people the chance to get involved with the design of mental health spaces for children young people like them.

Best For You has been lucky enough to work with Anna Jane Houghton and Carlos Penalver, two of several artists creating work for the new Best For You day centre. Anna and Carlos have put together workshops so that young people can inspire and contribute to the final artwork for the space.

We’ve run four exciting workshops over Zoom, and have an in-person art workshop on 15 September 2022. You can sign up to the free in-person workshop through Eventbrite.

Anna and Carlos have also developed resources for two additional digital art workshops, so young people across the UK can get stuck in at their own time and pace.

Digital art workshops with Anna Jane Houghton and Carlos Penalver, with screenshot of Carlos’ video and Anna’s PDF resource

Carlos’ workshop: drawing exercises with continuous lines and imaginative coffee stains



Anna’s workshop: combining drawing and collage techniques as an intro to the artists Ellsworth Kelly and Henri Matisse


Three screenshots from Anna’s PDF pack that give information about art and instructions for making your own.


Download Anna’s workshop pack as a PDF (5.5MB)


If you’d like your creations from the digital art workshops to be used to inspire designs in the new Best For You day service, please email images to before the end of September 2022.