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The DiveThru app is Best For You’s app of the month for December 2023.

About DiveThru

The DiveThru app provides self-guided resources created by therapists to support people aged 13 and above to check in with their wellbeing and access helpful coping tools.

In the ‘explore’ section of the app, you can browse content grouped by topic, including reducing stress, improving body image, surviving school, and dealing with anxiety.

Each topic contains journal bundles, which contain specific prompts for a range of situations, for example, bouncing back after a bad grade, quieting your internal critic, and moving through your anger. You have the option to journal in the app, but can also select that you’re journaling ‘on paper’ if you want to journal elsewhere (including on another device).

Each topic also contains specific audio mindfulness exercises to listen to. The exercises are designed to be relevant to the theme, for example, celebrating your queer identity, visualising a safe space, or preparing your mind to sleep.

The app also has articles with information to help with things including standing up for yourself, fixing your sleep schedule, and processing climate grief.

Finally, the app offers ‘solo dives’, three step routines that encourage you to check in with how you’re feeling around the topic (like anxiety or self-esteem), ground yourself with a breathing exercise, and take time to reflect with linked journal prompts.

It’s worth noting that alongside this helpful content, the app supports Canadian adults to access therapy – this is a paid feature, and isn’t relevant for young people in the UK. However, the journal bundles, mindfulness exercises, articles, and ‘solo dive’ bundles are free to access – and young people can ask the app to ‘only show free content’ too.

Download DiveThru

Find DiveThru on the Best For You App app library.

About the Best For You app library

There are thousands of apps that claim to boost wellbeing, but it can be difficult to know which ones you can trust with your mental health and wellbeing.

Best For You worked with ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps) to create the Best For you app library. Every app in the library has been tested to make sure the information it contains is accurate – and that the app is safe and trustworthy too.

You can search the library for specific apps to see if they’ve been reviewed. You can also search by condition (for example, depression) or symptom (for example, feeling anxious) – and you can search for apps to support with specific things, for example, meditation or mindfulness. The library also has lists of top-rated apps for various topics. Find previous apps of the month on the Best For You website.

You can filter the apps shown, for example, to only show apps that will work on your device or to only show apps that are totally free.

Visit the Best For You app library and start your journey to finding apps to support your wellbeing.

Using the app library as a professional who works with young people

Professionals in north-west London can sign up for a ‘pro’ account on the Best For You App Library, which will allow them to ‘favourite’ apps they often recommend and send specific app recommendations straight to young people by text or email. If you’re a professional in north-west London who’s interested in a ‘pro’ account, please email