Best For You

Best For You is running four free art workshops in August. Young people, families, and carers will make art while inspiring the future of mental health services for young people!

About the workshops

The workshops will happen virtually. You’ll only need some basic equipment – the Eventbrites have more information about what you’ll need.

Best For You is especially keen to welcome people with experience of using mental health services to these workshops. You don’t need experience of art or design to take part.

There are four workshops in total. You need to book a place through Eventbrite.

Anna Jane Houghton

Text reads: Free art workshops. Wednesday 3 August. Thursday 11 August. There’s a photo of Anna, the artist running the workshops. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a paint-covered denim jumpsuit. She’s painting a large piece of art, with bright colours and nature-inspired shapes.


Anna Jane Houghton is an artist who explores colour, material, and texture through printmaking processes. Her illustration style explores interactions with plants and animals. Anna’s workshops are on Wednesday 3 August or Thursday 11 August.

Sign up through Eventbrite for Anna’s workshops.

Carlos Penalver

Text reads: Free art workshops. Friday 5 August. Tuesday 9 August. There’s a photo of Carlos, the artist running the workshops. He has short, dark hair and glasses. He’s sitting in front of one of his murals, which is drawn with free-flowing line illustrations.


Carlos Penalver is an artist who works with black and white line drawings that maintain a loose but detailed style. His style is playful and free-flowing. Carlos’ workshops are on Friday 5 August or Tuesday 9 August.

Sign up through Eventbrite for Carlos’ workshops