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The Molehill Mountain app is Best For You’s app of the month for July 2023.

A graphic introducing the app of the month: Mountain Molehill. There’s an image of a phone with lines coming out of it to form an arrow shape. There’s also the Molehill Mountain logo: a mountain range with a river cutting through it.
About Molehill Mountain
The Molehill Mountain app is designed to help autistic people understand and manage anxiety.
Molehill Mountain uses CBT techniques that have been adapted to better fit the needs of autistic people. In the app you can track your mood and use graphs and calendars to see how it changes. There’s support if you struggle to recognise emotions.
The app has tips and tools that you ‘unlock’ one at a time so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You can also ‘lock’ stresses in ‘worry mountain’, try a breathing exercise, and add a specific emergency contact.
 Two screenshots from the Molehill Mountain app. The first shows the options to begin your daily check-in – you can check in, go to the worry mountain, do a breathing exercise, or get help right now. The second screenshot shows the app asking you to categorise a worry (the example is exam results), the options are: social anxiety, sensory issue, general anxiety, or specific fear.



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