Best For You

Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, has developed a space called POD for people who are supporting someone with an eating disorder like anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and OSFED. POD stands for Peer support and Online Development.

The word ‘POD’ is surrounded by three graphics of dolphins: one says ‘support’, one says ‘engage’, and one says ‘learn’. Text reads: a new space for carers from Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity.


We know that supporting people with eating disorders can be stressful and overwhelming – and it’s really important that you get the support you need too. Developing skills for managing the eating disorder and finding ways to look after your own wellbeing will put you in the best position to look after your loved one.

POD is a space for people supporting those with an eating disorder to learn, share experiences, and find community. It’s delivered through an online platform that offers online modules, resources, and spaces to talk with other carers.

Find out more about POD and how to sign up on the Beat website.