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The Rootd app is Best For You’s app of the month for August 2023.

About Rootd
The Rootd app is designed to help people who experience panic attacks and anxiety.
Rootd has six main features designed to help you get through panic attacks, manage symptoms of anxiety, and take the first steps to getting better. You can access everything this posts talks about on the free version of the app – but there’s also some extra content that you can pay for.
The Rootr helps if you’re experiencing a panic attack. You choose how you want to tackle the panic attack, then read (or listen to) helpful prompts. If you feel confident, you can choose prompts based on radical acceptance, but if you need help to feel OK, the app gives more comforting prompts.
There are lots of interactive features: a journal with mood tracking and prompts, breathing exercises, body scans, music… visualisations (including visiting the beach and walking in the snow), and bedtime audio including sounds from nature, stories, and white noise.
You can access ‘lessons’ (they’re more fun than they sound) to help you understand anxiety. For a lot of people, this is the first step to getting better. And you can keep track of your experiences of anxiety and panic attacks over time by doing a weekly questionnaire and seeing how your results change.


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