Best For You

The National Autistic society is making it easier to help autistic people by sharing information and top tips to make everyday life more accessible.

Autism is a developmental condition that affects how people experience the world and interact with others. There is more information about autism on the Best For You website.

Tips to help autistic people from the National Autistic Society. Their logo is a multicoloured circle with a pointed edge.


The National Autistic Society PDF focuses on five ways to help autistic people, recognising that they may:

  • feel anxiety about changes or unexpected events
  • have sensory sensitivities (in other words, they may be under- or over-sensitive to sound, smells, light, taste, and touch)
  • need extra time to process information
  • experience high levels of anxiety in social situations
  • have difficulties communicating and interacting with others

The resource has practical tips, like providing quiet spaces that autistic people can retreat to when needed and not relying on body language and facial expressions.

View the PDF resource on the National Autistic Society website.