Best For You

Twixmas (or betwixmas) is one way of referring to the period of time between Christmas and new year. Some industries use it to try to sell you stuff like holidays, but we’re taking it as a chance to focus on wellbeing boosting activities. If you’re not at work (or busy with essays or revising for exams), this time of year can feel a bit strange and empty – which can have a big effect on your mood. Our #TwixmasTips are based around the five ways to wellbeing, research-backed suggestions for things you can do to look after your mind and mood.

Twixmas tips. The title is on a curved plus shape, there’s also a decorative dotted line and a line drawing of a calendar.


Tip one

Tell a friend about the best bits of your weekend – if you can, try to do it through a voice chat or video call.

#TwixmasTip one is all about connecting with someone. We know that feeling close to others is good for our wellbeing – and technology makes it easier than ever before to connect with the people we care about, even if we can’t be in the same room.

Tip two

Spend some time moving your body in a way that you enjoy. If you’re stuck for ideas, you could try some flexibility exercises or yoga.

This time of year is perfect for curling up under a blanket with a book (or your phone) – and that can be great for your wellbeing, as long as you take some breaks! #TwixmasTip two is about finding a way to be active that’s enjoyable and healthy for you.

Tip three

Get stuck into something creative, taking the time to focus on and enjoy each step. You could try origami with leftover wrapping paper or keep the Christmas cheer going by making a collage bauble.

Today’s #TwixmasTip is really about practising being aware of what’s happening right now, focusing on something, and appreciating the present moment. We know that this can help our overall wellbeing – and help us understand ourselves better.

Tip four

Get cosy with a blanket and hot drink, then spend time reading a book (here are some of our favourite reads), look online for a festive puzzle, or follow a tutorial for a new skill.

The holidays are a great time to chill – but lots of people find that keeping their brain busy helps their mood and makes it a bit easier to manage tricky thoughts. Evidence supports this #TwixmasTip – and suggests that learning can also help the way we feel about ourselves!

Tip five

As we approach 2024, come up with a way to say a thoughtful thank you to someone who’s made the past year funnier, easier, or more enjoyable. 

We often spend the time before a new year thinking about what we’d like to change – but our final #TwixmasTip is based on the idea that taking time to show kindness and gratitude to others is good for us (and other people)!