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When someone asks: ‘What are eating disorders?’, it can be difficult to give them a quick answer. Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses, and there are still lots of misconceptions, for example, about the causes of eating disorders or the process of getting better.

It’s important that people can find accurate information about eating disorders, because reducing misunderstandings and stigma makes it easier for people to ask for help – and for their friends and family to then support them as they access treatment.

YouTube is supporting Best For You to create and share videos about mental health to make sure more young people can find accurate answers to questions like ‘What are eating disorders?’

If you’re worried about your eating or your body image, you don’t have to manage on your own. The first step towards things getting better is to speak to a trusted adult about what’s going on.

For anonymous support, you can always text NATTER to 85258 to text with a trained volunteer – it’s confidential and free. Find out more about texting NATTER, including what to expect. You can find more ways of getting urgent help, including through the NHS, on the Get help now page.

If you live in north-west London, you can find details of young people’s eating disorder services (and how to access them) on our signposting pages.