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The Feeling Good Teens app is Best For You’s app of the month for October 2023.

A graphic introducing the app of the month: Feeling Good Teens, with the app logo: the name ‘feeling good’ with a plant with a heart in place of the flower. There’s also an image of a phone with lines coming out of it to form an arrow shape.
About Feeling Good Teens
The Feeling Good Teens app offers audio tracks based on Positive Mental Training, a technique from Olympic sports coaching. Feeling Good Teens helps you to relax, calm your body and mind, and build a positive mindset.

The audio tracks have been designed specifically for young people. They use a variety of techniques, including breathing and positive visualisations. You can listen to the audio tracks however you find most helpful, but the creators recommend seeing whether it helps to listen to the same track every day for a week. The idea is that this helps the positive ideas and images sink in – like how an athlete might repeat a physical exercise to build strength and skill.

You can listen to the tracks whenever you like – as long as you’re somewhere safe, where it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep! Some people find it helpful to listen at night. It’s OK if your mind drifts or if you fall asleep as your mind will still absorb the positive messages – it might even be more effective to not pay too much attention!

 Two screenshots from the Feeling Good Teens app. The first shows a screen from the app with the name and some illustrations of bears. The second screenshot shows some of the audio tracks available, with titles including mindfulness in five minutes, build self confidence, stress buster, a balloon ride, and your best self.


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