Best For You

March 2022’s app of the month is Wysa. Last month, Wysa was one of the most frequently downloaded apps on the Best For You app library! Wysa is an evidence-based app that uses strategies based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you tackle anxiety.

Text reads: App of the month MindShift CBT with the MindShift logo (a calm face on a blue background). There’s a line drawn illustration of a hand holding a phone.


In the app, you can try out features including:

  • A mood tracker and thought journal
  • A chill zone with audio recordings
  • Quick and easy tools to help you cope in the moment
  • Tools based on CBT to help you make lasting change
  • Support to set up belief experiments to test beliefs that keep your anxiety going
  • Coping cards with helpful statements
  • A community forum for peer support

Two screenshots of the MindShift CBT app.


Find MindShift CBT on the Best For You app library.